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18min 58sec

A naughty young chick is throwing a party at her place. A home orgy. The ultimate group amateur fucking spree. She invited over some guys, a bunch of hot friends and a mature married neighbour. Her husband stayed at home, of course. The gorgeous hostess sets a shining example to the rest of her crew. Chicks, chug down a shot or show your pussies! Her friends show a parade of smoothly shaved pussies. The rest drinks like fish. A game of Spin the Bottle started in the kitchen. The Czech national boozing game. This game is the ultimate ice-breaker. No pussy is left dry after the first round. The bedroom became a scene of group dick sucking. A lovely blonde is squirting!!! The most radical party opening you’ve ever seen!
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17min 47sec

Here we are! The largest home fucking spree is here! Welcome to Kingdom of Fuck! The heap of lusty steaming bodies is fucking as if there were no tomorrow. The chicks are giving out orgasmic scream. A slender blonde is squirting! Several times! Holy shit, she’s streaming! A brunette with enormous pussy has milked another dude. She is the sluttiest slut here! Fuck for your life! Get ready, load your guns! Huge cumworks are about to start off. Get ready! Fire! Cum is streaming down and being swallowed. Everyone can join in! Go ahead!
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17min 12sec

Watch out! This video for adults only! No minors and no blushers here! We have an amateur orgy here! The apartment is full to the roof with horny sluts. They fuck everywhere. Even on the balcony! This is outrageous public nuisance. There’re so many people fucking together you don’t know what limb is whose. This party is establishing the newest amateur swinger record. Things that were never seen before. A chick who is beyond due date is sucking cameraman’s cock. A guy with a mammoth dick unloads the full load into a curly blonde. A sexy chick has two cocks at the same time! One in her pussy, the other one in her ass! A homemade sandwich! You’ve never seen a party like this! Enjoy it!
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21min 08sec

Out amateur private orgy is gaining momentum. A heap of fucking peeps in a small apartment on a collapsible sofa. Reddened pussies are all over the place. A guy is alternating between two chicks. The supermodels hold still like well-trained bitches. Two blonde barbies become absorbed in orgasmic pussy eating. An intriguing brunette is being rammed hard in the kitchen. A group forms in the bedroom. A fucking spree! Their leader is a heavily pregnant stunner! A horny slut with an enormous wet cunt takes in two dudes at the same time, including the guy with a huge shaft. Czech hard core! Directly from the spot. You have to see it!
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18min 58sec

The fucking spree is in full swing. An authentic Czech orgy. Home-made stuff. All chicks are totally horny. Guys have to do their best to satisfy them. Some of them are loaded with hard cocks from both sides. Grand Fucking Prix. Who will be the winner? The most likely candidate is a young blonde. Her specialization is letting long cocks slide down her throat. Cocks are diving deep into her mouth! She’s classy! A wild brunette is playing second fiddle to her bravely. A horny whore with a huge, wet hole! Holy shit, I can hardly believe it! You’ll be gaping like a fish. A masterpiece of Czech amateurs. Exclusively here and now!
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20min 39sec

The orgy with young Czech chicks is in full swing. Guys have just started to stick sweet juicy cunts on their cocks. This is no fun anymore. You’ve never seen a party like this one. A stunning blondie has all her holes ready and open. She can hardly manage all those horny cocks that are swarming around her. The army of cocks has made her so frisky that she’s squirting all around! A squirting model!!! You must see her! All girls are scared about the guy with an enormous cock. A young mommy-to-be is the most courageous from all! Will she let the huge cock inside her? A Czech home orgy with an enormous cock! Check it out! Nothing can beat it!
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18min 49sec

What the hell is this supposed to be? This place looks like a fashion show or the backstage area of a beauty contest!!! It is impossible to decide which babe looks the best. The tiny cramped flat is full to the roof of models! Blondes, black-haired babes, top-class sex icons, and even a chick in her eight month of pregnancy!!! A parade with exposed tits is just about to begin. This show is simply flawless. Cameramen are trying hard to make their way through the packed flat as the party is going hyperspace. We nosed out the first exposed cunt – an exquisite camel toe resembling of a juicy hamburger! Present arms, dudes! The first individual event is just beginning – a blowjob competition. Super models are upping each other to show whose style is the best. Check out this authentic Czech home orgy. You cannot miss it!
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